What Is Green Industry?

The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) defines Green Industry as industrial development and production that is not harmful to the environment or human health.

The Green Industry concept introduced by UNIDO takes into account the needs of the environment, the climate, and society into the operations of an industry or factory.

To achieve green industry standards, best practices such as Cleaner Production need to be implemented in factories and manufacturing lines.

Green Industry Best Practices

Good Housekeeping

Improving housekeeping standards by better arrangement and cleanliness of storage areas is the first and foremost option in green industry best practices as the initial costs of implementing good housekeeping are low, and can provide return in investment much quicker.

Design Modifications

Modifications in design such as redesigning or re-engineering the production line or equipment to produce little to no waste material.

Operations Optimization

Changes or optimization of processing parameters that involve time, temperature, pressure, sequencing, and other relevant parameters.

Changes in Raw Materials

Changing raw materials can be used to achieve much higher output and returns, reduce processing time and waste generation, create ease in handling materials that are less toxic, and reduce manpower usage.

New Technologies

Newer technologies can be considered for implementation ig they are able to increase productivity, reduce production of waste material, and reduce wastage of materials and energy.

Training & Development

Employees need to be trained and retrained in practicing green industry best practices, especially when there are changes to Standard Operating Procedures and changes to design and production.

The Benefits of Implementing Green Industry Best Practices

  • Reduction in raw material costs
  • Decreasing the impacts and risk of pollution
  • Reduction in the consumption of water, electricity, and fuel
  • Decrease in the production of wastewater and other waste material
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased awareness of emerging smart technologies
  • Increases brand recognition and competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Increased expertise and innovative readiness
  • Improves brand/ company image and overall employee satisfaction